Inbound Marketing practices for Logistics Service Provider

Logistics Inbound Marketing practices for Logistics Service Provider
Digital marketing fir logistics service provideratmanas

Inbound Marketing practices for Logistics Service Provider

Logistics and freight services deliver tremendous value to the world supply chain. They are critical to the global economy, yet haven’t entirely adapted to digital times. Hence, it is essential for freight logistics businesses to incorporate inbound marketing practices before the giants capture the market.


Inbound marketing for freight forwarders and logistics service providers


Inbound marketing refers to methods that attract customers by creating content and experiences tailored specifically to them. It focuses on inbound lead generation and nurtures them. The logistics service providers need such forward-thinking marketing practices to bolster their business globally. It helps run things smoothly and guarantees higher ROI and sales!

Following are some inbound marketing practices that work productively for freight logistics –


  1.   Analyze your customers’ needs

It is vital to understand your shipper’s and BCO’s needs and expectations. This analysis helps in marketing the service more effectively. Few ways of doing this are –

¨     Using Google Analytics: It is free and provides in-depth metrics

¨     Studying the industry and your competitors: Helps in lead generation

¨     Interviewing current customers: Understanding their buying process


  1.   A website with an optimized UX

It provides a positive brand perception; hence, the customer invests more time and money. A good UX has high ROI and shoots conversion rates up by 400%. Service providers can also use JustFreights which gives website in your brand where shipper can search and book Freight, submit documents and make payment known as Shipper engagement platform, logistics service provider has added benefit as JustFreights also offer Automated Quotation Management Platform, Freight management, Automated Invoicing and much more.


  1.   Content Marketing

SEO-friendly content means reaching customers with high user-intent for your service. Create awareness and interest with your content that solves the user’s problem. It will push them closer to using your freight forwarding service. MFREIGHTS is a leader in Logistics marketing, we under your buyer’s needs and provides value-based content and marketing service for logistics service providers.

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  1.   Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective tool in B2B inbound marketing for freight forwarders. Email newsletters, updates, peak season emails, and triggered emails latch on to the current and potential customers. However, it is crucial to keep it short yet informative so you don’t lose them midway.


  1.   High-Value Content Format


When a potential customer comes across your content, the format is as important as the quality of the piece. A streamlined content design makes the buyer’s journey more interactive. Hence, not only does it improve the chances of acquiring them, but it also promises lead generation.


  1.   Turn FAQs into Topics for Content

Nobody likes tedious, dull FAQ pages. Instead, turn these questions into a full, in-depth content piece. These questions are coming directly from customers; hence, answering them to user satisfaction creates value and trustworthiness as this leaves no scope for guesswork.


  1.   Examine Sales Efficiency

Optimizing and streamlining the customer management systems and sales teams’ workflow gives an edge. It helps in converting the leads attracted to customers.


  1.   Highlight your offers and features

Emphasizing the benefits of using your freight logistics services is principal. The leads need to know what your service features and offers for them to become a customer. The shippers and BCOs get hassled every day with offers. Hence, standing out of the crowd by showcasing the benefits associated with your service is crucial.

Opportunities that were out of reach in the past are enabled by inbound marketing for freight forwarders and logistics services. MFREIGHTS helps you define, implement and manage your Inbound marketing Strategy It helps mobilize the service on a wider, global level and creates new channels of acquisition. Inbound marketing helps in attracting, engaging, and delighting the user and builds credibility for your service. The freight forwarders stand by the “do more with less” philosophy, and inbound marketing fits this necessity.

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