13 ways to boost up e-commerce conversion rate

e-commerce 13 ways to boost up e-commerce conversion rate
e-commerce conversion rate boost up strategy by atmanas

13 ways to boost up e-commerce conversion rate

Boost Your e-commerce Business Conversion Rate


If e-Commerce has something good, you can have several visits to your online store, many more than you could have in a physical store. If something is wrong with eCommerce, converting those visits into buyers is much more complicated than in a physical store.


One of the significant challenges that online stores have today is to be able to implement effective strategies that facilitate the process of transforming visitors to your site into customers. E-commerce can cause these 13 ways to boost up e-commerce conversion rate and using various tools, always keeping in mind to follow acceptable practices and not act invasively.


The consumer decision-making process depends a lot on the needs and trust that the company transmits. After all, everyone likes to be sure that they are buying the right product or service from the company that stands out the most in the sector and has the most significant advantages over the competition.


1. Bet on email marketing


Email marketing is an essential tool in any digital marketing strategy. This communication channel is possible to maintain more direct contact with people interested in your services and bring the lead closer to conversion. Always have titles that attract the attention of the target audience to increase your open rate.


2. Add useful product information 


Having information that goes beyond the simple description of the product is a factor that helps the conversion. From the moment consumers know the benefits that you offer, the possibilities of finalizing the purchase increase. It is also interesting to use mental triggers to stimulate decision making.

Check out how MFREIGHTS Product Listing and Research service can help your company.


3. Always use quality images


Having quality images that have a good definition of the online store’s products is a great attraction. We have to think that this is the first contact that the user will have with the product in question, so it is this first impression that will make it possible for the conversion to occur. If necessary, ask a professional for help. It is a safe investment.


4. Use social networks


There is nothing more engaging than an online environment to improve interaction with your audience than social networks. In addition to improving engagement by sharing your company’s links, you can increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce by persuasively disclosing the products.


5. Have security seals


The conversion into e-commerce depends a lot on the excellent reputation that the company transmits to the user. The security seals sign that your brand is trusted and cares about the protection of data provided at the time of registration.


6. Optimize your site for mobile devices


Currently, the potential customer uses his smartphone to carry out various daily tasks. When he realizes that your online store has an adapted design, he attributes greater credibility to your brand. Besides, this small detail will allow the user to have an optimal experience within your site, which is essential to decide to buy.


7. Invest in Marketing Automation


Automating the activities that are part of building a relationship with people interested in the services offered is an option that will allow you to streamline the team’s workload. Also, it is crucial to know the metrics since they are the ones that will show you the necessary information to increase the sales of your e-commerce. Therefore, it is good to have the support of a specialized platform.


8. Fight your shopping cart abandonment rate.


According to the Baymard Institute, up to 67.45% of online shopping carts end up abandoned. The main reasons are prices and shipping costs and times and your website or app’s design.

Remember that this strategy should be applied to all your online sales channels, especially to the mobile or eCommerce experience, since up to 67% of buyers prefer to buy from a smartphone because it is convenient and faster.

9. Optimize your pricing

It’s essential to look at the price you put on your products. It should be reasonable enough. Comparing prices and descriptions of two or more related products can increase the chance to sell a low-priced product.


10. Use personalization 

Personalization means showing your customer personalized and relevant offers and contents based on their past searches or what they like.


11. Improve the security of the shopping experience


Nobody reads the privacy policies, so the most useful thing is that your icons and purchase security and anti-fraud seals are well visible in your online store. The most valued buyers are Norton, but dozens of official security services: PayPal Verified, Google Trusted Store, Trust Certified Company, Fake seal, Thawte, GeoTrust, Comodo, McAfee Secure, VeriGisn, ScanAlert Hacker Safe, GeoTrust, SSL Value.


12. Encourage user reviews


Having more user reviews and ratings in an e-commerce channel makes sales conversion grow between 14% and 76%.

User reviews are a valuable source of information to grow your online sales.

Improve customer service and offer personalized responses quickly, including compensation if a product or online process goes wrong. Failures do not matter, but your response to them: customers will be more willing to forgive them and keep buying.


13. Create a network of partners and affiliates


You are tempted to work alone, and you fear allying with potential competitors. But in a group, efforts and resources are duplicated, and you can access sales channels and customers that you don’t have time to track yourself.

A team of partners is a rare but beneficial action to grow online sales, and it is a win-win for everyone involved. Other businesses complimentary to yours may promote your products or services, attracted by getting commissions in return (offers between 2% and 5%).

Create an easy contact process and report on the performance percentages that you offer to your partners, and generate synergies and profitable relationships in public events, such as fairs and conferences


Thus, the most effective ways to increase conversion in our e-commerce, although, of course, to achieve the best results, we must use different strategies to grow both in customers and sales.


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