How To Reduce Operation Cost In Freight Forwarding?

Digital Transformation How To Reduce Operation Cost In Freight Forwarding?
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How To Reduce Operation Cost In Freight Forwarding?

Increasing costs and reduced margins are major challenges in shipping and logistics. Managing tariff and complex shipping documents is tedious! MFREIGHTS we understand the complexities of these challenges and offer tech-enabled Business process management solutions..


Reducing Operation Cost In Freight Forwarding


1. Niche is the new mass

  • Specialize in a set of products and focus on getting more share in one or two verticles
  • Focus only on a few tradelanes
  • Focus on multi-model transport with right and vetted partners.

2.Find an A-team overseas who understands your industry 

  • Many companies that outsource to an offshore labour force do so with costs in mind but the most important factor which becomes a barrier is Industry knowledge and an A team that comes from the same industry.
  • Remember the old saying, “jack-of-all-trades and master of none?” This is where it comes into play. Always look for a business process outsourcing company that specializes in servicing a particular industry
  • For instance: Handling end to end Export Shipment procedure or managing Complex Tariff for Freight forwarders or Accurately managing SKU’s across multiple marketplaces or If their service applies to your company, they are worth your time 


3.Find a Digital transformation partner


  • MFREIGHTS can be your one-stop solution when it comes to Digital Transformation, Outsourcing solutions and innovations. They have over half a decade of experience innovating and re-engineering process for Logistics service providers
  • MFREIGHTS we have gone a step further and developed state of art proprietary SaaS platforms for Shipping and Logistics (JUST FREIGHTS),
  • Export-Import Process automation (Docoholic),
  • E-commerce and Real estate service management ERPs.
  • We strive to solve everyday pain points with cutting edge technology which helps our customers shift the burden on technology and automate processes.


Just Freights a proprietary platform by MFREIGHTS can help To Reduce Operation Cost In Freight Forwarding?


  • FCL and LCL Booking 

Your customers can book FCL and LCL any time they want. Hence, eradicating the need of time punctuation and worry regarding dates and other stuff.

  • E-Delivery Order

Your customers will be able to get the order anywhere, anytime and any way they want. Using any device the customers will be able to get the orders.

  • Automated Invoicing

Invoicing is a tedious task in freight management. Your customers will be spending lesser time on invoices. Thus, giving them more time to grow their business.

  • Freight Movement

Your customers will be able to eradicate the traditional system of maintaining the orders in Excel Sheet. Customers will be able to maintain individual order.

  • Booking Details

Booking details become accessible for your customers any time on any device.

  • E-Documents

Your customers will be able to maintain the documents online. There will be no need to maintain any document physically.


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