Logistics CRM v/s Customer Engagement Platform

Featured Logistics CRM v/s Customer Engagement Platform
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Logistics CRM v/s Customer Engagement Platform

Logistics CRM v/s Customer Engagement Platform

Customer is King! In today’s competitive world, customer satisfaction and his loyalty towards a business is the only thing that can ensure sustainable profits.

Several firms these days are wondering over the fact that whether they should opt for a Logistics CRM or Customer Engagement Platform. Though the terms seem similar by face, they are different at souls! But why to worry? JustFreights by MFREIGHTS is here to solve your problem and add to your knowledge.

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What is a Shipper’s Engagement Platform?

Shipper’s Engagement Platform is an approach to manage the interaction of a logistics company with its current as well as potential customers and provide a seamless experience. Shipper’s Engagement Platform keeps the records of the customer transactions and its KYC with the company. 

What is a Logistics CRM?

Logistics CRM can be called a software which helps you in engaging with your customer via every possible touchpoint with your organization. The software is a house to a database of relevant content and contacts. It tracks all your audiences as they develop from complete strangers to possible prospects, and then to regular customers 

Logistics CRM v/s Customer Engagement Platform 

The value of customers for any business needs no words for its explanation. Every company wants to provide its customers with the best possible option. However, the best varies from person to person; what’s best for one might not be the same for another.

Therefore, we’ll be guiding you through the best possible options for a freight business. For the same purpose, we’ll be comparing Logistics CRM with Shipper’s Engagement Platform on a specific basis.

  • Type of business concerned:

A Shipper’s Engagement Platform is Industry Specific designed to serve need and requirement of logistics service providers. The motive is to get hold of relevant contacts and turn them into consumers and then into promoters by creating a unique experience

On the other hand, Logistics CRM is designed to serve customers in logistics market. The designing of the software is done while keeping to attract and maintain customer relationship 

  • Customer Relation Enhancement:

Better Customer Relations is the ultimate goal for both the software. However, the paths chosen by the two are entirely different.

On the one hand, Logistics CRM the is designed to provide better relations with customers. And on the other part, Shipper’s Engagement Platform is designed to analyze and deliver complete customer satisfaction more systematically. The results are bound to be different.

  • Services Provided 

Though the core services tend to remain the same, the approaches adopted by the two are nowhere near to the identical. And the same applies to services too.

Shipper’s Engagement Platform, being industry-specific, would provide and fulfil every possible need that a freight and Transport business would need. It includes providing Quotation Management, Freight Management, Trailer management, Documentation managementShipper’s Management and all such related stuff. But nobody would promise the same on behalf of a Logistics CRM.

My Final Words

We have options everywhere we go and in everything we do, but wise are those who see, think, analyze and then act. Shipper’s Engagement Platform provides every possible need, just the way Just Freights does and is undoubtedly better than Logistics CRM

I hope you found the information helpful. For more such content, Stay Tuned!

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