FTL versus LTL shipping – What is the difference?

Logistics FTL versus LTL shipping – What is the difference?
FTL vs LTL shipping

FTL versus LTL shipping – What is the difference?

FTL versus LTL Transport – What is the difference?


If you are stuck and confused about the best transport for freight shipping for you, this article will make that easy for you! When it comes to shipping, one needs to figure out a budget-friendly and efficient transport to ship the shipments. Keeping in notice all the essential factors, we will be discussing the differences between the most common shipping methods used in North America and across the world, namely FTL and LTL.


Full Truckload(FTL) and Less Than Truckload(LTL) transport differ in many aspects, which should be kept in mind while deciding which one will be more efficient for you. While choosing which shipping method will be the best choice for you


the shipment’s size, fragility, delivery speed, and transportation cost involved are the factors to be considered.


 The size of the shipment

  • The first factor to be considered while choosing the shipping method is the size of the shipment. It is one of the significant deciding factors for the shippers as it not only classifies what kind of transport is required but is also a factor on which the time and cost of shipping depend.

  • Full Truckload (FTL) transport will be useful for shipments that weigh around Approx 10,000 pounds or more. In general, this transportation will be beneficial for large loads that require the truck’s entire space.

  • On the other hand, Less Than Truckload(LTL) transport is meant for small shipments, usually ranging from 100 to 10,000 pounds. The small size of the shipments makes available the option to have multiple payloads at a time.

  • Therefore, small businesses must opt for LTL as long as their freight is not fragile, as explained in the next section. Simultaneously, FTL will be better and the only option for large businesses with large shipments.

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The Fragility of the Shipment


Another major factor to consider is the freight’s fragility to choose for a safer and efficient transport for shipping.

In the case of FTL transport, the entire truck is booked for a single shipment. Hence, it involves less risk in the handling of fragile materials, whether large or small loads. While in the case of LTL transport, usually there are more than one shipments transported at a time, which may lead to a greater risk for fragile shipments.


Therefore, in fragile shipments, whether small or large, one must consider FullTruckload transport as the better option.



The Delivery Speed of the Shipment


To be precise, FTL will be comparatively faster than LTL. As in the case of FTL, only one shipment is to be delivered at a time, and therefore, they do not require to have multiple stops. On the contrary, LTL transport will require numerous visits and simultaneously deliver various small shipments.


The Transportation Cost


 To find out what freight shipping method will be the most efficient for you, another factor of great concern is the cost of shipping. The two shipping methods being discussed here differ noticeably in case of the money required for them.


For FTL transport, the entire truck is booked for one shipment, and hence you have to pay for the whole of the space. While in the LTL case, you have to pay only for the amount of space occupied by your small shipment and not for the whole truck. Therefore, LTL will be a better and budget-friendly option for small businesses.




To decide the most suitable shipping method for their shipments, shippers have to keep the shipment size, the shipment cost, the fragility of the load, and the time it takes to be shipped into consideration. All the differences listed above will be crucial while choosing the most efficient and economical shipping for you between the FTL(Full Truckload) and LTL(Less Than Truckload) transport.


To conclude it all, if you are looking for budget-friendly transport for a non-fragile small shipment and you are not much bothered about the time of shipment, then LTL(Less Than Truckload) will be the best option.LTL transport fits in the best for small businesses. However, if your shipment is small but fragile or if you wish for comparatively safer and faster shipping, then you can go for FTL(Full Truckload) transport. And in case of large shipments, the only choice you have between FTL and LTL is Full Truckload. It will fit in the space requirement and the shipment time, both at the same time.

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