Customer Support which ease up Students & Parents concerns

Onpoint Omnichannel support

Omnichannel support is new normal in Educational world. Be it online education or as simple as admission inquiries, it becomes imperative to provide on point customer support.

Automate with Support Desk

We train our teams to work with best in class customer support tools like Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zoho, Hubspot, Intercom etc. Get seamless support for your students regardless of their location and timezone as we operate 24/7.

Focus on what you do best

We will work closely with your team to create FAQ’s, knowledge base, Video tutorials, which will help a student navigate through issues faster.

atmanas | Education customer support

Fulfil students needs spot on

Students support is essential to solve their constant queries, Timely support can increase students confidence and satisfy their needs, prompt communication via Emails, Chat support or even messaging on social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter with students & parents keep them at ease and the best part is you can count on our support specialist to write about special announcement or articles and circulate among all your students to keep them updated. MFREIGHTS we believe in frameworks, SOP’s which can help schools, institutions and ed-tech platforms to achieve, sustain and scale their business.

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We understand the importance of on time support as it can help solve many questions as well as it creates trust and fulfil students needs, Our Education specialist is there for your students regardless of any location or time as we understand that queries of each and every student is substantial for any institution. We understand the importance of the right message, article, information circulated to students. We also have an internal pool of mentors who constantly educate our team on the latest development in the Academic world. We believe in frameworks and SOP’s which we constantly iterate with changing dynamics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you unique?

  • MFREIGHTS we have gone a step further and developed state of art proprietary SaaS platforms for Shipping and Logistics (JUST FREIGHTS),
  • Export-Import Process automation (Docoholic),
  • E-commerce and Real estate service management ERPs.
  • We strive to solve everyday pain points with cutting edge technology which helps our customers shift the burden on technology and automate processes.

Why should we hire MFREIGHTS?

  • Many companies that outsource to an offshore labor force do so with costs in mind but the most important factor which becomes a barrier is Industry knowledge and an A team that comes from the same industry.
  • Remember the old saying, “jack-of-all-trades and master of none?” This is where it comes into play. Always look for a business process outsourcing company that specializes in servicing a particular industry
  • For instance: Handling end to end Export Shipment procedure or managing Complex Tariff for Freight forwarders or Accurately managing SKU’s across multiple marketplaces or Helping potential lead get to the “AHA” moment for SaaS companies.
  • If their service applies to your company, they are worth your time

What are your working hours?

  • While the business hours in our US office are 9 am-6 pm CST, our India office remains open 24x7x365.
  • A knowledgeable Team Leader is on duty every hour of the day in the office where your staff is located. This means that there is always a supervisor on hand who can work to resolve any issues in real-time, as they happen.

How do we start working with MFREIGHTS?

We follow this steps 

  1. Business analyst understands your need?
  2. Our team will accurately capture, analyse and plot your needs
  3. We will share a comprehensive solution.
  4. Put it on Paper
  5. Appoint a Dedicated Success manager (who will take care of knowledge transfer)
  6. We build your team
  7. Team onboarding process
  8. Going Live
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