How we do it?

a walkthrough of how we operate
BA atmanas, digital transformation

1. Business analyst understands your need

Walk us through your existing tech stack and process flow. In this initial stage, we look for and identify the key areas in your company where we can provide the most effective service or solution.

2. Our team will accurately capture, analyse and plot your needs

Our Process and Infrastructure automation experts will analyse and draft a User story. Process automation expert will recommend proprietary tools and the right partner to work with as a part of a comprehensive solution

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Solution atmanas

3. We will share a comprehensive tailored solution

Once we understand this, we will work to find a Comprehensive tailored solution that fits your current size and needs.

4. Put it on paper

Once everything is in order, we will put together a proposal and agreement for you to review and sign. Then we can move towards getting your team ready!

Contract atmanas
digital transformation, Appoint a Dedicated Success manager

5. Appoint a dedicated success manager

We will appoint a dedicated success manager which will act as a catalyst for Knowledge transfer and liaise with your team to get all information needed to get started. They will get things going with a kick-off call, recruiting assessment, and training plan. We’ll work with you to gather SOPs and other training resources we may need to get your team ready to go live. Also understand your company culture, values and code of conduct!

6. We build your team

Our Expert recruiting team will vet the best candidate, all with good communication skills and college degrees. Each Candidate will fit in with your existing culture.

team atmanas
TEAM ONBOARDING, digital transformation

7. Team Onboarding process

We make sure each Executive is diligently and accurately trained and tested. If needed Dedicated success manager and Training team will work with you to create a Training programme that will help executives understand your company culture.

8. Going live!!!

Your Trained executives will hop into your daily flow, providing exceptional support, quality while being closely observed by the Team leader + Operations head and Quality assurance team.

digital transformation, share a comprehensive solution.
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